5 Ways to Rebuild a Better Life

Step One:

  • Release bottled up emotions.
    • Have a good cry
    • Reach for better feelings
    • Journal or talk to a loved one.

Step Two:

  • Love Yourself
    • Say nice things to yourself.
    • Take time for self care and activity
    • Nourish your body, mind and soul

Step Three:

  • Let go of negative habits.
    • Stop apologizing for who you are.
    • Avoid living beyond your means
    • Don’t tolerate disrespect

Step Four:

  • Create positive habits
    • Take alone time to relax your mind
    • Believe in your own strength
    • Be around positive people

Step Five:

  • Start focusing on what can happen
    • Keep your mind open
    • Look for solutions
    • Repeat affirmations

Let rock bottom be your foundation, not your identity. You don’t have to stay there. Pick yourself up and start again.

In my experience mistakes are only what I call a learning experience. Learn from it and move on, forgive yourself and any others involved. We never believe that by carrying those mistakes become a burden on ourselves and others, just move forward with confidence and continue onto the next learning experience.

Be grateful and be positive, because life is too short to always be worried. Let go of the stress and just realize your blessings.

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