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7 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins to Help

I have many people ask me what it takes to food blog. While it’s helpful to know how to cook, what you also need is some great tutorials on how to make  your recipes, tutorials, and the actual recipe it’s self!

There are several thing which you want to keep in mind when choosing a recipe plugin!

  1. Convenient, there’s nothing worse than having something take a lot of extra time which you don’t have!
  2. SEO (Search engine optimization) – if you don’t know what that is, read this article here
  3. User Experience

The best part of using a recipe plugin is to help you add your recipe quickly to your blog! To have a plugin for recipes, it can make it easy for recipes to be found and printed. Which means you can get more users to your website to download your recipes, so they can easily print them!

Let’s look at the current 7 best WordPress recipe plugins:


WP Ultimate Recipe


WP Ultimate Recipe has some great features which are helpful. First of all they are optimized for Google which will help you with your SEO. They also help you stand our from the crowd by making sure your visitors will remember you by giving your recipes a unique look and feel. With this plugin you are able to help build a community and allow others to submit their own recipes. You can organize the recipes the way you want them! You can also reach the entire world, by allowing it to be available to translate and make for other languages. It is easy to manage and they have an awesome support staff which is willing to help you. Now there are 3 different version, basic ($Free) version, premium ($79) template which allows one website and a professional ($299) template which allows multiple websites.

Zip Recipes


With Recipe Hero, you can add any recipe easily to your blog in minutes. This is a great way to keep your recipes separate from all your other posts, by creating a new article and using the recipe custom tab. Recipe Hero is fully SEO optimized which will help you ensure you are getting the right keywords fro search engine sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Recipe Card by Yumprint

Zip Recipes is a great way to rank higher in Google’s Recipe view search.No need to hand-code your recipes into a sophisticated recipe structure when the Zip Recipes plugin will do all the heavy lifting for you, enhancing the find ability of your recipe website. Adding recipes to your WordPress blog is lightning quick thanks to the easy to use interface. While this plugin is sure to help boost the SEO rating of your content by making use of the recipe markup. Zip does a great job of increasing the visibility of your recipes in the search engines (especially Google), by making your content more searchable. Zip Recipes also has the ability to automatically insert the post name into the recipe and pictures, saving you a bit of time in the process.

Get Me Cooking Recipe TemplateGetMeCooking-RecipeWordPressPlugin

The free version of Get Me Cooking Recipe Template is just a simple recipe plugin. There are no frills but it’s a great way to add a recipe card or recipe print to your blog or website. The premium version costs $99.99 per site and adds a few more features than the free version.

Recipe Hero


Recipe card is a great way to create beautiful recipes which readers can print, save and review. Recipe Card optimizes your recipes for search engines and generates nutrition facts. Although this plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, there are many people who still use it.

Yummly Rich Recipes


Yummly Rich Recipes is another WordPress plugin that can help bring your recipes right to the reader’s kitchen! Not only that but it helps make your recipes SEO friendly and more likely to be found on Google Recipe Views.  You will no longer need to input your recipes into a specific structure. With this plugin, reader will also be able to add their favorite recipes to their Yummly recipe box.

If you are familiar with ZipList, this is a compatible with this plugin.

Easy Recipe


EasyRecipe makes recipe entry a breeze, with features like cut and paste, auto conversion of your plain text recipe posts, live custom formatting, Google Recipe View formatting and preview button, automatic ratings, conversion from other recipe plugins like ZipList, RecipeSEO and Recipe Card.



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