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7 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins to Help

I have many people ask me what it takes to food blog. While it’s helpful to know how to cook, what you also need is some great tutorials on how to make  your recipes, tutorials, and the actual recipe it’s self! There are several thing which you want to keep in mind when choosing a recipe plugin! Convenient, there’s nothing worse than having something take a lot of extra time which you don’t have! SEO (Search engine optimization) – if…

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9 Things to (add or Remove) From your WordPress site to Look Professional

Ok I love WordPress, there are so many great templates and themes out there to use. There are free themes and some paid themes! There’s also a great plugin called WooCommerce which allows you to add an ecommerce store to your website, can you say SCORE!!! However it’s extremely important when building a WordPress website that you make some of these changes to make your store unique and fresh! You also need to build a site which shows your personal…

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