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Cosori Digital Slow Cooker Review

It's a Krazy life - Cosori Digital Time Slow Cooker

Many of you who know me, know how much I enjoy cooking. Since a young age I spent hours cooking with my mother (who’s a tremendous cook!). I learned how to create recipes, read recipes and readapt recipes to make them my own and add things I like or take out things I don’t. Some of my favorite recipes have to do with crockpots! I love being able to throw in ingredients into a slow cooker and not really worry…

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How to Easily Clean Microwave


I have a Love/Hate relationship with the microwave. I love it, but I hate that it’s always dirty. Especially with 6 kids and a husband who NEVER cover their food when they heat it. Even though we have plate coves does anyone but me use them? Nope! So after spending hours cleaning the microwave I figured there had to be an easier way! I swear by White Wine Vinegar, it’s my favorite thing ever. I buy it in bulk from…

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DIY Pallet Outdoor Furniture

I love the outdoors, and I just love my backyard! I’m currently in the middle of remodeling the whole backyard! Wood pallets are fairly easy to work with and you can get them sometimes free or really cheap. There’s lots of wood which you can use off of them! I love Pallets, here are a few projects which I found that I would like to complete soon! #1 DIY Pallet Outdoor Two-seated Swing DIY Instructions at 101 Pallets #2 DIY Pallet…

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20+ Awesome Things You Can Build With 2x4s

If  you ask anyone, I’m a complete and total sucker when it comes to DIY. I love it!!! I have been into woodworking and building my own things since I was little and working with my handy dad! Here are some projects which are a must do for a variety of projects. I can’t wait to get some of these started!!! #1 – Rustic Farmhouse Style Table This adorable table would be the perfect addition for any backyard picnic table…

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Concrete Countertops Redo

I love, love my concrete countertops!!! When I redid my kitchen, I painted these old nasty oak cabinets I had when we bought the house and this horrible formica countertop. It was awful! I looked into getting new cabinets, but it just wasn’t in the budget, being a single mom, college student and working part time. Plus I wanted to extent my kitchen and add an island. So I set out to painting my cabinets, I bought new cabinets from…

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Gatorade Bottle Recycle

I’m all about recycling and let me tell you our family goes through Gatorade and Plastic bottles like crazy. Partly because it’s around 110+ degrees all summer long, so the kids drink a lot of Gatorade to make sure they don’t get dehydrated. I got tired of heading to the recycling center, plus wasting money on one Gatorade container. When it’s not on sale it $1.00 each at Walmart. When it is on sale you can get it for about…

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Kitchen Conversion Chart

If you are like me, I LOVE TO COOK!!!! However sometimes I want to 1/2 a recipe or double it. I know most of these but sometimes I have to figure them out in my head. I found this awesome website which had vinyl to go inside of cabinets. I bought the vinyl and was so excited to install it. I’ve used the prints before, but I liked this a little more because it was permanent and it wouldn’t keep…

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