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Cosori Digital Slow Cooker Review

It's a Krazy life - Cosori Digital Time Slow Cooker

Many of you who know me, know how much I enjoy cooking. Since a young age I spent hours cooking with my mother (who’s a tremendous cook!). I learned how to create recipes, read recipes and readapt recipes to make them my own and add things I like or take out things I don’t. Some of my favorite recipes have to do with crockpots! I love being able to throw in ingredients into a slow cooker and not really worry…

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How to Clean Plastic Off of a Glass Top Stove

                            I love my kids but sometimes we just have to clean up messes that our kids make. My adorable daughter placed a bag of hamburger buns on a hot burner. She didn’t know it was hot, but I had just finished making macaroni and cheese, the pot was off the burner. It’s hard to tell they are hot, because our burners are flat so you can’t…

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Kitchen Conversion Chart

If you are like me, I LOVE TO COOK!!!! However sometimes I want to 1/2 a recipe or double it. I know most of these but sometimes I have to figure them out in my head. I found this awesome website which had vinyl to go inside of cabinets. I bought the vinyl and was so excited to install it. I’ve used the prints before, but I liked this a little more because it was permanent and it wouldn’t keep…

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