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Airbnb – Awesome Travel Destinations

Alright I have to tell you the most amazing website which I came across. It’s called Airbnb, many of you may have heard about this, but I found it. My husband and I wanted to do something fun for Thanksgiving weekend, since we both have the long holiday weekend off of work and we only have one child. We talked about maybe driving the California Coast and seeing different sites. The hotels were priced so high during that weekend. I…

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10 Secret Places in America that Most Tourists Don’t Know About

I have a huge family and I’m always trying to find some new destinations for travel. Here are some great places in America that most people don’t even know exist! I didn’t until I did some research and I’m going to try and visit these locations! Multnomah Falls, Oregon Native Americans believed the waterfall was created to win the heart of a young princess, who wanted to have a secret place to bathe in naked.  This magnificent waterfall is located just…

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Beach Tips and Tricks – Hacks and Ideas for your trip to the sand, fun and beach

I love the beach, but living in Utah, we just don’t get to go to the beach that often. However with that being said, my husband and I are finally able to go on our honeymoon, well let’s be honest it’s more like our one year anniversary! We are heading to beautiful Rosarito Beach Mexico and I can’t wait. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve had a trip to the beach, I started to research tips and trick for the…

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Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas is a popular destination for adults who like to have nightlife and some gambling fun, but what about kids? Many parents want to take their kids to Vegas and would like to find fun or free activities for them to be able to participate in. This beautiful fun filled city prides itself on offering some family-friendly attractions that are fun for kids as well as adults. Here’s a list of my favorite activities to do in Las Vegas…

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