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Cosori Digital Slow Cooker Review

It's a Krazy life - Cosori Digital Time Slow Cooker

Many of you who know me, know how much I enjoy cooking. Since a young age I spent hours cooking with my mother (who’s a tremendous cook!). I learned how to create recipes, read recipes and readapt recipes to make them my own and add things I like or take out things I don’t.

Some of my favorite recipes have to do with crockpots! I love being able to throw in ingredients into a slow cooker and not really worry about it. Especially when you have 6 kids there’s never a dull moments, between sports, practice, dance, karate and just even wanting to go to the park or on a bike ride.

My only complaint used to be, worrying about the crockpot overcooking the meal (which has happened, one time I burnt some meatballs, they were DISGUSTING). I NO LONGER have this worry. Thanks to this amazing crockpot called Cosori! The Cosori digital crockpot takes out all the worry of having burnt food with it’s amazing digital timer, you can set the temperature (low, medium, high) and the time (hours and minutes) you want it to cook. Once the timer is up it will automatically turn to warm (no more burnt food), no worries about turning off the timer!

It's a krazy Life - Cosori Digital Timer

Not to mentions I love this crockpot, the lid is something different than I have ever seen before! Most lids just go from the glass lid and you set it on the crockpot. This lid has a rubber/silicon piece which goes around the entire lid. I love the lid for the fact that it seems to rest exactly where it needs, it also creates a suction so that not a lot of moisture leaks out! It seems to give the crockpot a better way to keep the temperature, I didn’t have nearly the amount of condensation come out of the lid like other crockpots.

It's a Krazy life - Cosori Digital Time Slow Cooker - Glass Lid

The size of the crockpot is AMAZING, 6.5 Quart Slow Cooker! For my family of 8, I normally have to cook in two different crockpots. I cooked 5 pounds of frozen chicken with all the ingredients and it was perfect, it didn’t spill out of the crockpot.

Clean up was a breeze with the ceramic pot, all the food which is normally cooked on (because I left it on too long), it’s not burned to the sides. The clean up was simple and I was able to get all the food out with a rubber spatula. Then a simple hand wash with Dawn dish detergent (my favorite).

Where can you purchase this item? I found mine at Amazon, which you can buy here.

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